"Callisto Quartet found warmth and severity...both searching and genial, with a tremendous variety of color..." - The Strad

Who We Are

As a quartet we strive for total integrity and commitment in every aspect of our work, whether that be our musical interpretations, our programming choices, our rehearsal process, or our interactions with our audiences and communities. Our goal is for every decision that we make, both musically and otherwise, to be thoughtful and logical so that the end result is something in which all four of us believe very strongly and deeply. 

Honesty and vulnerability are ideals that we aim for constantly on stage and which we hope to define us as a quartet. We have found that these are universally admired human characteristics which speak to audiences regardless of their musical or non-musical background, and which transcend age, gender, race, and ethnicity. On a practical level this means programming works which we believe are of the highest caliber, performing to the absolute best of our ability regardless of the venue in which we are playing or the size of our audience, and speaking personally to the audience during the concert in order to engage them in the music that is happening on stage.

Outreach and education are both vital parts of our performance as a quartet. Whether in a retirement home, hospital, disability center, public school, or library, we have seen so many times the power that music has to bring a smile to the face of a hurting person and to spark joy and hope into people’s hearts. The fact that we are able to use our music as a tool in this way is truly a privilege and leaves us with a feeling of great responsibility and mutual joy.


What's Next